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2015-10-01 New Publication on analysis of current validation practices in Europe for space-based climat data records of essential climate variables

Abstract:The Climate Data Records (CDRs) of Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) that are based on satellite observations need to be precisely described. In particular, when these products are delivered to end-users, the error characteristics information and how this information is obtained (e.g., through a validation process) need to be documented. Such validation information is intended to help end-users understanding to what extent the product is suitable for their specific applications. Based on how different European initiatives approached the validation of CDR and ECV products, we reviewed several aspects of the current validation practices. Based on the analysis of current practices, essentials of validation are discussed. A generic validation process is subsequently proposed, together with a quality indicator.

2015-06-08 The minutes is available for the 2nd CORE CLIMAX Collocation Meeting
  The presentation of the collocation meeting can be found here. The minutes can be found here
2015-06-01 New Publication on estimating forest damage in Finland using emergency rescue and reanalysis data
  The CORE-CLIMAX scientists use the emergency rescue and reanalysis data to study changes in storm-induced forest damage in Finland, which has not been possible previously due to the lack of continuous, long series of impact data. The inclusion of emergency rescue data allowed us for the first time to estimate the spatial distribution and decadal variations of potential forest damage days due to windstorms in Finland. The paper can be downloaded here.
2015-04-25 New Publication about user awareness concerning reanalysis feedback data and input observations
  The CORE-CLIMAX scientists implemented a web-based survey to assess the the benefits and gaps in reanalyses as part of growing climate services was carried out in 2013–2014. The survey elicited responses from about 2500 users of climate information. The paper summarizes the main findings in regard to use of existing reanalyses as well as user awareness and needs in regard to reanalysis feedback data and input observations. The paper can be downloaded here.
2015-01-15 The 2nd Collocation Meeting will be held in Brussels
  Please be informed on 15-16 Jan 2015, the 2nd Collocation Meeting (CM) will held for stakeholders, data producers and end users for climate change projects, and representatives from the European Commission (EC) and its Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), the European Space Agency (ESA), and the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) Essential Climate Variable (ECV) projects. This 2nd CM will follow the 1st successful CM to disucuss further how to coordinate the process of generating, validating and updating ECV data records, and to determine the gaps between the records and user needs in climate change adaptation and mitigation policy, and decision making. For more information, please click here.
2014-11-20 Summary to the 2nd Capacity Building Workshop
  The 2nd Capacity Building workshop of CORE-CLIMAX on “Climate services: products and toolsto make choices” has been held on Friday the 10th of October 2014 as a side event at the 14th EMS Annual Meeting & 10th European Conference on Applied Climatology (ECAC), 06 – 10 October 2014, Prague, Czech Republic. A summary can be found here.
2014-09-01 Application for Capacity Building Workshop on climate services: product and tools"has been opened
  Please be informed on the 2nd Capacity Building workshop of the FP7 project CORE-CLIMAX.The workshop originates from the FP7 CORECLIMAX project and aims at building capacities on the use of climate information. It will deal with future climate services and the usability of the terrestrial, oceanic as well as atmospheric climate data. For more information please go to here
2014-04-01 GEOSS  for DISASTERS 

Prof Bob Su discusses the projectThe GEO Disasters Societal Benefit Area” Brochure out now, featuring article on CORECLIMAX as an Example of the European Projects contributing to the GEO Disasters Societal Benefit Area

2014-01-22 Reports for the CORECLIMAX project are now available.
   All the finished reports within the CORECLIMAX project are now available. These deliverables describe the progress within the project as well as the milestones accomplished. For each workpackage the reports can be found here.
2014-01-22 Presentations of the 1st Capacity Building Workshop on climate information are now available
  Please be informed that the presentations in given in the 1st Capacity Building Workshop are now available pdf/mp4 and youtube stream here.
2014-01-22 Registration for Capacity Building Workshop on climate information has been opened

Please be informed on the 1st Capacity Building workshop of the FP7 project CORE-CLIMAX (http://coreclimax.eu). The CORE-CLIMAX project coordinates the identification of available and future physical Earth Observation measurements, which can be reconciled with previously existing data records, to form long time series. For more information please go here

2013-11-22: The Reanalysis User and Application Survey has been put online

The Reanalysis User and Application Survey has been put onlineThe aim of this questionnaire is to understand the use of reanalysis products and their limitations.   The results of the questionnaire will be used to assess how, and if, reanalysis data could bring wider benefit for research and climate services.For more information please go here

2013-10-03 Prof Bob Su explains the purpose of CORE CLIMAX
Prof Bob Su discusses the projectProfessor Bob Su explains why augmenting existing data on climate change with newly available information from multiple sources is vital to understanding the potential implications for our planet and its population. For more information please go here
2013-03-21 Progress meeting announced.
  • "Core Climax Meeting 1st Progress Meeting" to be hosted on 14 May 2013 by: Research Executive Agency, Unit S2 - Space Research, COV217/149, B-1049 Brussels, Belgium
  • "Collocation Meeting of FP7 and ESA, EUMETSAT ECV projects", to be hosted on 15&16 May 2013 by : Research Executive Agency, Unit S2 - Space Research, COV217/149, B-1049 Brussels, Belgium