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WP 1 - Project coordination


The objective of this workpackage is to "Establish an effective and efficient management structure for the project to achieve the project general objectives ". The management of CORE-Climax concerns the overall legal, ethical, financial and administrative management including, for each of the beneficiaries, the obtaining of the certificates on the financial statements and on the methodology and costs relating to financial audits and technical reviews. The management will carry out all activities as foreseen by the principles and rules laid down in the Consortium Agreement, and will keep track of the maintenance of the consortium agreement. 

Task 1.1: Project management

Specifically, CORE-CLIMAX project management activities include:

  • Designing and maintaining partner specific templates for collecting input to the required EU documents
  • Implementing and maintaining of a project-specific database for reporting and controlling, including the adaptation of the structure after changes in the workplan and the consortium
  • Drafting and maintaining the dissemination and exploitation plan following the REA’s requirements
  • Preparing and post-processing of REA reviews from the consortium-side including support in the implementation of recommendations from the REA and reviewers,
  • The administrative tasks involved in the preparation, executing and post-processing of major project meetings such as Project Board meetings, General Assemblies and meetings with the Advisory Board
  • Implementing and maintaining the project infrastructure, e.g., the internal platform for information exchange and email lists
  • Handling of legal issues, IPR issues and maintenance of the consortium agreement, according to requirements
  • Handling of the project correspondence and the day-to-day requests from partners and external bodies