THe Cold and Arid Region Environmental Engineering Institute (CAREERI) aims at interdisciplinary integration and scientific synthesis based on retaining unique and distinguished disciplines. There are 280 full-time employees with 55 titled as professor. The research activities of the institute focuses on glaciology, geocryology, desert research, plateau atmospheric science, hydrology and water resource as well as restoration ecology and ecological agriculture. The institute is an internationally predominant research center for integrated studies on the interaction mechanism among cryosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and lithosphere within the disciplinary studies of Cryosphere and Global change, especially, when such an integrated multidisciplinary fusion is characterized by the studies of extreme environments of cold and wet, warm and arid, and by research on the chemical and physical processes on ice and snow surface in the polar ice sheets.  The institute will be in full-scale involvement in the studies about the patterns and possible changes of India monsoon, interaction of glacier and monsoon, water resource in this project. Two flagship observations stations in Naqu and Maqu and several distributed stations in the Upper Yellow River Basin will provide invaluable data for validations of all atmospheric and terrainstrail ECVs and reanalysis results.

Wen Jun

Gao Yanhong

Hu Zeyong

Cai Ying

Lu Shihua

Wei Zhigang

Gao Xiaoqing