The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) is producing a wide variety of information services for weather, air quality, marine state, space weather and climate, as well as contributing to scientific research in the same fields. FMI employs about 700 people, about 300 of which are involved in research. Experts from the climate change unit and earth observation unit with main office in Helsinki, and the Arctic Research Centre (ARC) at Sodankylä will be involved in this project. Advanced mathematical and image processing software are in use for a large variety of applications including climate change studies. The Sodankylä-Pallas supersite of FMI is one of the world main sites for doing satellite calibration and validation. The site is equipped with reference systems of ESANASA and EUMETSAT satellites providing continuous time-series of ground-based observations corresponding to measurement set-upof satellite systems.

Hilppa Gregow

Terhikki Manninen

Ali Nadir Arslan

Kirsti Jylha