ITC undertakes education, research and advisory services in Earth observation and spatial information collection, analysis and management. It provides tools and methods for the exploitation and conservation of resources and environment, particularly in developing countries. The Department of Water Resources (WRS) at the ITC faculty at Twente University is a multidisciplinary scientific department specializing in scientific research and education in Earth Observation and Geo-information Sciences for the understanding, monitoring, predicting and sustainable use and management of water resources. The mission of WRS is to "Create and Transfer Knowledge in Water Resources and Environmental Management using Earth observation and spatial information technologies". This is realized by conducting high quality fundamental and applied research in water cycle and climate using Earth Observation and spatial information technologies and providing higher academic education (at PhD and MSc degree level) and professional training (short courses) in water resources, climate change and related environmental issues. Furthermore, worldwide advisory project services constitute a part of the work, in particular tailored made capacity building projects.

Project coordinator

Bob Su

Wim Timmermans

Bert Boer

Joris Timmermans

Yijian Zeng